Tourist Attractions In Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar Dham

This Shiva Temple situated atop a hill is revered by most devotees who visit Mukteshwar. The temple houses the idols of Brahma, Vishnu, Parvati, Hanuman, Ganesh, and Nandi. Mukteshwar town got its name from the temple. The whole temple complex is a Tapovan and an ideal place for meditation.

Chauli ki Jali

Located behind Mukteshwar Temple, Chauli ki Jali is one of the tourist hot-spots in the area. This place is also known as the suicide rock. Adventure lovers do not miss on the opportunity try out some activities here. Climbing, rappelling, and zip lining can be done on these rocks.

Bhaalu Gaad Waterfall

This beautiful waterfall is just 15 kms away from the resort. To reach the waterfall you will have walk down a hill for 2 kms. It is surrounded by small rock caves and trees. This is an excellent spot for bird watching and trekking. You will see a variety of birds like Titmouse, Grey Treepie, and Red billed blue magpie.

Dhokane Waterfall

Perfect place for some snacking and playing frisbee. This waterfall is 23 kms away from the resort and is a very lively spot for spending some time with family and friends. People can try our adventure activities like angling at the Kosi River.

Jageshwar Temple

The temple city comprises a cluster of 124 large and small stone temples. Jageshwar is located at an altitude of 1870 mts, in the Jataganga river valley near a Deodar forest startingfrom Artola village on Almora–Pithoragarh highway, where two streams Nandini and Surabhi flow down the hills in the narrow valley and meet near the sacred spot.


If you want to collect some souvenirs, Almora is the best place to visit. Almora city is 30 kms away from the resort. Lala Bazar, Paltan Bazar and Tibetian Market are good places for shopping. Almora also has many dainty cafes. Do not miss out the Brightened Corner, one of the most famous sunset points in Almora.